A Well Spoken Fool

by arianne

In Mark Steyn’s latest piece, he perfectly points out that Kerry STILL. HAS. NO. POSITION. ON. IRAQ:

“If John Kerry is so polished and eloquent and forceful and mellifluous, how come nobody has a clue what his policy on Iraq is? As he made clear on Thursday, Saddam was a growing threat so he had to be disarmed so Kerry voted for war in order to authorize Bush to go to the U.N. but Bush failed to pass ”the global test” so we shouldn’t have disarmed Saddam because he wasn’t a threat so the war was a mistake so Kerry will bring the troops home by persuading France and Germany to send their troops instead because he’s so much better at building alliances so he’ll have no trouble talking France and Germany into sending their boys to be the last men to die for Bush’s mistake.”


“Oh, and he’ll call a summit. ””I have a plan to have a summit. . . . I’m going to hold that summit … we can be successful in Iraq with a summit . . . the kind of statesman-like summits that pull people together …”” Summit old, summit new, summit borrowed, summit blue, he’s got summit for everyone. Summit-chanted evening, you may see a stranger, you may see a stranger across a crowded room. But, in John Kerry’s world, there are no strangers, just EU deputy defense ministers who haven’t yet contributed 10,000 troops because they haven’t been invited to a summit. And once John Kerry holds that summit all our troubles are over. Summit time and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’ … No, hang on, your wife is rich and your manicure’s good-lookin’ …”

Summit, summit, summit-time. Summit-time. Time to sit back and unwind…

“”Talking about’”‘ stuff is all Kerry’s got. He’s no executive experience, he’s never run a state, never founded a company, built a business, made payroll. Post-Vietnam, all he’s done is talk and vote. For 20 years in the U.S. Senate: talk, vote, talk, vote. So, if his talking and voting are wrong, what else is there?”

And, he thought Bush won:

“I’d say that as a general rule articulacy is greatly over-rated. It’s not what it’s about: Noel Coward would run rings round Mike Tyson in the prematch press conference, but then what? But, if articulacy is the measure, how come Kerry can’t articulate an Iraq policy any of us can understand?…….A majority of the American people — albeit not as big a majority as it ought to be — get this. John Kerry still does not. Which means he lost the debate. “

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