by arianne

Flowers are given to show love, cheer people up or say “sorry I was such a daft prick”. If only these sentiments would last longer than the flower itself (sometimes even less). We could say “you know, I would be so pissed off at you right now, but that flower you gave me last year…wow. That flower changed my world man, you can do no wrong!” or “I know I’m laid up in the hospital right now with some debilitating disease that causes bed sores, but I just can’t get this smile off my face ever since those carnations arrived last month”.

When someone is in the hospital and they receive flowers, they probably think its awesome at first. They are probably happy for a little while afterwards thinking, “wow, so-and-so thought of me and sent these”. But by the end of the day, the person is still sick, feeling miserable and definitely not feeling cheerful. Even looking at the pretty flowers again later on will only have a temporary effect of delight. This is because the flowers didn’t make them better, they only filled them with brief joy. Perhaps even let them forget their sickness for a few glorious moments.

Sure, getting flowers is definitely better than not…a hospital room with no flowers is a million times more depressing…but you can’t escape the fact that the person is still sick.

This is true with relationships too. You can feel so special receiving flowers, more so if you don’t get them very often. However, unless you are staring at the flowers all day long, a sick relationship will still be sick in the end. It needs more than flowers…it needs to be treated like a sick patient. This includes constant monitoring (a sick patient gets checked-on several times a day, not forgotten as soon as the day gets busy), a healthy diet of love and respect (not a diet filled with crap like being made to feel unimportant or not listened to) and of course some medicine (now is when the flowers, chocolates and cards come in).

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