I Think I’m Alone Now…

by arianne

Its amazing how hard it is to get some alone time when you have two kids. The only true alone time I get is when I’m in the shower. Of course, getting a shower these days is a monumental feat (happens as often as Haley’s comet, winning the lottery or me receiving flowers), so I’m not getting that time to myself hardly at all these days.

Today was thankfully one of those diamonds in the rough. I gleefully locked that bathroom door (because everyone knows you can’t even go to the bathroom alone when you have kids, much less shower) and hopped into the shower. I stayed in the hot water as long as I could, which is about 6 minutes considering how small our hot water heater is. I hate that the shower has to be so quick…that means my alone time is over way too fast.

However, today I just couldn’t do it. I could not leave that solace. My little getaway, escape from the world. I just sat there, leaning my head against the wall, wishing i could have more time.

In that place, there are no screaming kids, no husband needing me, no family needing me, no politics, no business that is on life-support (i need to get back to it before it flat-lines) and no money problems.

I need to figure out how to get a long, hot bath from the warden…that would last a lot longer than 6 minutes.

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