I’m Bean

by arianne

My new little man is already three weeks old. His given name is Jamie, and he definitely looks and acts like a Jamie, but he also takes on the look of many other animals. I can’t help myself. He makes funny faces and looks like little baby animals (or funny british men, take your pick).

When he was born he looked like a turtle. Of course a very cute turtle that I love like mad…but nonetheless, a turtle (take a look at this turtle pic if you don’t believe me).

He often looks like Fievel Mousekewitz, the mouse from An American Tail. A tiny little adorable mouse that sings ballads. Is this not a total Fievel face? Ok, maybe other people can’t see the Fievel in him…maybe its just when you are holding his teeny body and his eyes say “somewhere out there…” in that little voice that you KNOW made you cry little Mousekewitz tears.

He has oompa-loompa feet. They are so cute, I could eat them up.

He looks like a baby bird when he wants to eat. I’ll spare you the pictures, but just imagine a little bird with its mouth wide open, flailing back and forth trying to find the food as if it hasn’t eaten in years and this will be the last meal of its entire life. Yeah man, that’s PASSION FOR FOOD. Definitely my son.

He sounds like a little piggy when he’s got his little birdy face on. TOTALLY SNORTS. I call him Mr. Snorty Who Snorts A Lot With the Snorting (he is from the same town as Her Screamness Who Screams A Lot Every Day With the Screaming, apparently).

He looks like a baby monkey. He has crazy long arms and really long fingers. His big toes look like opposable thumbs, they are so long. The thing that seals the monkey-deal is that he flails his long monkey arms around like an ape, and grunts. I will add some pictures as proof as soon as I capture his monkey-essence on film. I need to get the flailing, the fingers and the opposable toes…its a hard shot to get.

Another hard shot to get is his funny british guy face. Specifically, Mr. Bean. I’m usually laughing too hysterically to capture this shot, but I’ll keep trying.

I am so in love with my little turtle, Fievel, oompa-loompa, birdy, piggy, monkey bean-man. I can’t wait to see what the next three weeks will bring!

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