I love you, you love me…

by arianne

I decided right away to “come out” as a Bush supporter on my blog, as you can see from the links I have in this post. I know that it may turn readers away, but I can’t censor any part of what I think and feel, and that includes my political beliefs.

This blog is for me first, after all.

I have many blogs I read, on my blogroll and others, that have different views than mine. I love to read them for their savvy writing, their heart-wrenching story, their smart politics, or just because I like the person. I have had certain blogs on my blogroll, even though they were liberals through and through, because I enjoyed their posts. Some I’ve taken off my list recently and stopped reading b/c my affinity for their writing was no longer stronger than my outrage at their liberal…um…spewing. Hopefully I don’t turn off any liberal friends too much, I have lots of friends like you and I love you!

If I do turn you off, then I probably wouldn’t read your blog either, so we’re even.

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