You are Two!

by arianne

With a nod to one of my favorite blogging moms, dooce, I want to begin writing to the boys as they reach milestones in their lives. Hopefully someday they will read these and then love and adore me and feed me grapes.

Year Two, a Summary:

Dear Charlie,

You turned two years old today. We look at you and still see that tiny little newborn who screamed his way into our lives not long ago. You are now considered a “preschooler”, no longer a toddler. You are to officially to be referred to in years, not months. You aren’t 24 months, you’re two whole years old!

Can you believe it?

Of course you can, since you already can do everything on your own-at least all the really important things. You can drink the milk from your cereal after all the cereal’s gone, yes! without spilling. You can get all the toys out of Ducky for your bath, and then put them all back again, being sure to only put the baby animals in on the left and all the other loser toys in on the right (sometimes the babies are on the right, but those babies do not mix with the losers, heavens no!). You can line up your hot wheels end to end all around your room and then scream in glee at how cool you are. You can wiggle to Sesame Street songs even when its really late, you should be asleep, and you actually WERE asleep two seconds prior. Being able to groove to the beat, even when asleep, is a most valuable skill these days…especially in Los Angeles.

Your best friend is your Daddy, who has been exhausting himself entertaining you and making you bagels on a daily basis. He is not only really good at playing games with your cars and trains, he is also good at being bossed around by you. He works very hard to keep you happy and keep me happy at the same time. A tough task indeed! Daddy is always thinking about the day when you and your baby brother Jamie are old enough to go camping. Even though he doesn’t get to camp very much these days, he loves it and knows you will too. After all, there will be TONS of squirrels to follow around and imitate! And ants! Too many for even you to count!

One week ago your world changed completely when your baby brother Jamie was born. You really love him, can’t stop kissing him, can’t stop worrying about every little squeak and grunt he makes, and of course can’t stop looking at him in his moses basket over and over (and over and over) again. You aren’t too sure how to act towards me or Daddy though. You have an ongoing dilemma…do you act like a big boy and help out cleaning up your toys, or do you act even more “terrible two” than before, making sure if you’re not happy, no one is? I think you struggle with these decisions on a minute-by-minute basis, going by your mood. Luckily you are a very secure boy, know that we still love you so very much and that you will ALWAYS be our first baby. Daddy and I are so excited to watch your relationship with Jamie develop and change. We know you will be bossing him around too (why should he get out of all the FUN that the rest of us get to have?) and you will of course make sure he lines up all those hot wheels the right way, exact and perfect.

You are talking so much these days, getting better and better each second. Our favorite words that you say are fishy (“fi-fee!”) and ribbit (“wi-wiiit!”) How exciting it will be when you can say “are you kidding me?! don’t you dare wash my hair you insane crazy person who is wielding bath gel!”.

Oh and, just so we are keeping track, you still hate getting your hair washed with the fiery passion of 10,000 burning suns.

I love you my little man, and all of your fiery passion too (maybe even most of all).

Happy Birthday.



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