Watching the Pot

by arianne

Baby boy #2 is still refusing to come out. My sister-in-law has been in town from NYC since last Sunday, her trip planned as a trip to arrive AFTER the baby. My mother-in-law arrived yesterday from AZ. Now, I know they are excited about the baby, and so am I…but their presence is making me anxious and I feel like the birth won’t happen while they are here. I’m a pot that won’t boil! I’ve been simmering for weeks.

I’ve been trying all the natural induction methods…obviously none are working. I’ve become the poster child for disproving that those “if you do this you will totally go into labor…” stories are all false. I’m tired of talking about me (“yes I’m still pregnant. no he’s not here. no i don’t know why. yes maybe tomorrow.”) and want to be talking about the baby! I feel as though I’m in such limbo-land, I can’t move my life into the next phase and I can’t begin any new projects, and I can’t blog about anything else either (ergo the boring Still Pregnant post).

That said, I’ve recently discovered loads of cool political blogs (check out The Young Curmudgeon, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin and Blogs For Bush for example) and I also learned to knit. I figure that since I’m going to be pregnant forever and all, I might as well keep tabs on the convention next week via bloggers, while knitting a throw. I’ve already had to pull the whole (knitting) thing out twice and start from scratch. Not surprisingly, the pure exasperation of these do-over’s did not send me into labor.

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