Freakishly Amusing

by arianne

This freakish but extremely amusing poem found its way into my inbox today. Its by/from my Grandpa.

Arianne, Oh Arianne

What are you doing!

Your twiddling your thumbs

While we sit around stewing

We have taken you for rides

Hit all the bumps in the road

Yet you sit there unperturbed

Like a wart on a toad

We don’t even care

If it’s a Tom, Dick or Harry

Or even a duo

Like William and Mary

But we are getting anxious

To see this new boy

Even Charlie is ready

To have a new toy

Jacob is nervous

And in a real tizzy

All that coffee

Is making him dizzy

Your mom and your dad

Usually don’t fret

But this waiting and waiting

Is making them sweat

Harrison, as usual

Hides in his room

But comes out to ask

” What is a womb?”

Carrington claims to know

What this is all about

But she laments to everyone

“This is freaking me out”

So jump into that tub

And uncross your knees

And all will be over

As quick as a sneeze!

This poem was prefaced by the sentence “Arianne, I had to write this to ease my tension.”

Oh the incredible stress of WAITING FOR THE CALL that I went through the INCREDIBLY EASY task of PUSHING AN 8 POUND+ BABY OUT.

It was #1 on my priority list to ease the grandparents tension today…so glad I can check that off my list.

Now on to much less important things…

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