by arianne

Well today is the day. Its 6:30pm on the DUE DATE and I’m sitting here still pregnant as ever, not a single sign of impending-events-that-change-life-forever. Today we will begin the “what other urban myth can we think of to bring on labor” mentality and be doing/thinking/eating/drinking those things non-stop.

As if being “over due” isn’t hard enough on a woman…she also has to endure endless calls and emails asking if “Its” happened yet. As if we wouldn’t be shouting it from the rooftops. As if I’m not climbing the walls just fine all on my own, thankyouverymuch.

Jacob’s cramming the current MBA work to get ahead a bit so he doesn’t have to welcome our child into the world via instant message. ::kidding honey:: MBA-in’s hard!

Charlie’s acting like his 2-year molars are coming in…only problem is you can only see a bulge on his gums. No tooth anywhere near cutting through. This is going to be a long, hard road. Not to mention put a bit of a damper on the “I’m excited about the new baby” mood we want him to be in.

Maybe its not teething. Maybe he senses that his whole world is about to change and he’ll no longer be the center of the universe? I’ve always thought he had some kind of 6th (or 7th or 8th) sense for these kinds of things. Maybe someday he can channel his sense into telling me what tonight’s lottery numbers are.

Ahh…putting up with all this whining and screaming will be worth it some day after all!

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